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TEAM results

University of Waterloo - 12 332pts
University of Guelph - 10 702pts
University of Toronto - 9 847pts

Western University - 9 465pts
Toronto Metropolitan University - 9 199pts
Carleton University - 9 125pts
McMaster University - 8 940pts




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The Grotto hosted the first ever UBS event in 2012, and they are super stoked to offer the first one again in 2022, 10 years later!

***Please ensure you have a waiver for their facility! If you haven't been to the Grotto yet in 2022, they need a new waiver completed by a legal parent/guardian for folks under 18 years old.


WHEN: Saturday November 12th
Time slot 1: 11:00am to 2:00pm
Time slot 2: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
AWARDS: 5:30pm


WHERE: Guelph Grotto
This competition is run in scramble format: each entrant is given a score card, and has 3 hours to complete as many hard climbs as possible. At the end of the day, the scores for the top 3 male and female climbers from each school will be combined to determine a school's total score.


Categories for the UBS comp include:

  • Beginner (V0 - V3)

  • Intermediate (V3 - V5)

  • Advanced (V5+)

  • Alumni

We will release the total scores of all the schools afterwards, as well as individual scores to see where you ranked amongst the other students. 

In order to spread out participation numbers and reduce crowding, registrants can choose one of two time slots. Each time slot is equivalent, there are no differences in difficulty or rules for different slots. Scoring will be determined at the end of the day after all time slots have finished.

Cost: $50 plus tax, Includes a free t-shirt for the first 50people registered

Format: Scramble 

Duration: 3 Hours

Scoring: Your score is determined by your top 6 hardest climbs sent. More points are awarded if you complete the climb in fewer attempts. All scores will be posted after the competition on our website. 


If you think your local gym would be a good fit, we encourage you to ask them to contact us.

If you are a gym looking to host, please fill out the following form so that we may send you more information.

If you are a company looking to sponsor us, please contact us via the contact menu above.

Thank you

The UBS team

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