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UBS New Partners UBS New Partners The Whole UBS Team Welcomes Our New Gold Level Partners! Thanks so much to Element Climbing and Evolv for all of their support!
Get Registered! Get Registered! SEASON 3 IS IN FULL EFFECT Celebrating 10 comps with our first comp in the GTA at Boulderz Etobicoke on October 25th. Volume 10: Registration now Live! Volume 10: Registration now Live! One for all and all for one! Volume 10 registration is now open! Register now.

UBS - Climbers Rock Volume Reel from Lucid Digital Media on Vimeo.

UBS 2014/15 Season 3 Volume 10
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ubs-sponsors-clifThe UBS is lucky to be supported  by our Official 2013/14 Partner, Clif!

video-smCatch the latest comp videos on our Vimeo Channel!

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Do I have to pay a fee?

Nope! Registering is totally free, no spam or junk mail. Comps do have fees though!

Can I manage my account?

Yup! Just login and you have access to your own account where you can edit, track competitions or even other competitors.

Can I quit anytime?

Yup! If for some strange reason you no longer wish to be a part of the UBS family, you can delete your account at any time.

Do I have to climb with a school team?

Nope! You can enter a UBS competition as a single climber, all you need is relevant School I.D.!

Can I register at the competition?

No problem! The UBS Team keeps a close eye on registration so we know how to staff the competition properly, but we always keep extra spaces available. However, it’s always good to register well before by using our UBS registration form.